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Sridhar has visited Boston before.


Niels put his hand on Delbert's arm.

Keep the cat off the couch.

I wish we didn't have to do that.

You're right, as always.

You cannot outsmart destiny.


How long have you been back?

I have other matters to attend to.

Jussi got distracted.

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Does anyone want to do anything?

Do you really like it?

I tried to dissuade a friend of mine from getting married.

I have difficulty urinating.

I'm very sad.


If only I had asked for your advice.


Rajesh is still talking to Sundar.


Mitch admitted his guilt.

If you are to succeed, you must start studying now.

Sangiovese is a wine.


It's natural that he should have succeeded.


You must not gamble at cards.


I have to hang up.


I work in a chemist's.


Their problems are sometimes so weird.

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Indra is going to pay for this!

I don't really like him, in fact, I hate him.

Why don't you come to my house and play the piano?

We're not buying.

I want to send this postcard to Japan.

Where can I buy tickets?

Aaron was way out of line, and he knew it.

Rambo doesn't exist.

Ellen will be busy tomorrow morning.

How about some Spanish food?

You get the next one.

You are wanted on the phone, Mike. It's Jane.

Every function should have comments describing its purpose in order to avoid confusions.

My sister isn't used to cooking.

Just between us, she's my girlfriend.

Who are you quarreling with?

Magnus isn't going to want to hear that.

Griff looks just like me.

Tuan glanced at the paper.

He could not accept a strange woman as his mother.

Emmett is chewing something.

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This phone has a quad-core processor.

Imagine if you started hiccoughing and you couldn't stop.

Next time don't give up so easily.


Please give this to me.


We can't win.

We can't find anything wrong.

They only wanted to ask me a few questions.

I was wondering why you came early.

Call Briggs and tell him to come here.

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Yvonne wanted to drink some milk.

In Brazil the prevalence of Asperger's Syndrome may reach 0.5%.

You shouldn't eat anything cold.

It's not true, is it?

That's not the real problem.

Let's forget about what was yesterday.

You don't have to answer those questions.

Mixing ammonia and bleach is dangerous.

I think I know what needs to be done.

It was predictable that this would happen.

I paid at the appropriate time.

How do you know that for sure?

Are you saying I smell bad?

Cristi went insane.

Do as the other newspapers do!

She's so stubborn. I bet if she ever gets reincarnated, she'd be a bacteria capable of living in empty space.

You sure have a lot of friends.


He sent his old clothes home for his brothers, and sent his family money, too.

We'll talk to her.

Dewey is prepared, isn't he?

You were right about them.

Caroline asked to me to be his best man.

You said that you were here yesterday.

Jarmo wanted to surprise Johnathan.

Let's smoke this shit!

Eddy is angry a lot of the time.

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Len was worried.

The soldiers thought that they might be home for Christmas.

Do you happen to know how to get downtown from here?

It's a celebration.

He was distracted by the beautiful girl.

I never saw his face.

We all share the heartfelt wish that he and all the others will pass the admission examination.

Vick could do a lot better if he tried.

These are my books; those are his.

It poured rain, it hailed, it thundered, and the lightning was so bright that it turned the night into day.

Her one wish was to return and see her only daughter one last time.


She understands English and even writes in English.

It's not really food.

What is the purpose of the stock market?


Summer has come.

Making light of cavities can be a matter of life and death.

I called her yesterday.


You can't get a job if you don't have useful skills.

Dominick used to talk about Marlena all the time.

Mott is thirty, but he looks much younger.

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I didn't know Dawn at all.

I went to the park to play.

Mats showed Debi how to use the washing machine.


She's a regular workaholic.


A lot of the changes that happen during menopause aren't just physical, they're mental as well.


I'm leaving today.

Mick bought a small house on Park Street.

That's a strange question.

I have finished my homework.

Sanford tried to stomp out the fire.

Aren't you supposed to be at work?

Duke said he's thinking about taking a vacation.


He's dark and handsome.

He's an authority in his field.

He keeps company with a foreign student.

He gets on my last nerve.

Please take one.


The meeting had 12 attendees.


The man's shirts are in the closet.

A newspaper tells us what is happening in the world.

Black wins.

I got a new girlfriend; you didn't know?

We're getting fewer and fewer students.

I can't wait until the weekend!

Nobody wants to die.

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Could you tell us what happened?

Your sister can not speak English.

I'm almost seven feet tall.

They're a bunch of losers.

He came a little after noon.

The park benches were all occupied.

Craig was appalled.

The city is surrounded by a wall.

Once dismissed as an artificial language, Esperanto has gained the respect of a new generation of linguists, as the most successful planned language of all time.

Law is the safest helmet.

To distinguish right from wrong is difficult.


I could order you to do that.

You'll find this intriguing.

You knew what you were getting into when you enlisted.


I'm just trying to be a friend here.

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She couldn't help bursting into laughter.

No one has to help. And no one helps.

I'm doing it in spite of you.

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I encourage you to come and kneel with me at the foot of Calvary's Cross and be washed in the blood of Our Savior Jesus Christ.

Swamy has a big schlong.

John was born in a hospital and he died in a hospital.

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It wasn't there before.

Did you read that?

You need a key to open the box.

He likes to gossip, therefore he has a lot of enemies.

I didn't make that up.

Hume wondered what Roxane was doing in Boston.

I stopped it.

I want to congratulate you on your graduation.

Would you like black tea or coffee?

He stood on his right.

Lloyd said it's not over.

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There were a desk and a chair in the room.

Her writing is very good.

Tell me what you saw.

We cannot rule out the possibility of an accident.

Jisheng knew it was a possibility that Reid would show up late.

The Big Salmon River is a small river in southern New Brunswick, Canada, that flows south into the Bay of Fundy.

Waves of joy drift through my opened heart.